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NETPAY SAAS is our Software As A Service leading platform, providing a one-stop-shop solution to your business needs, from client or merchant onboarding to payment systems and crypto-payments solutions integration, featuring:

  • Know Your Customer information management
  • Anti-Money Laundering process management
  • Transactions accounting
  • Fiat Payment Gateway
  • Crypto-currency Payment Gateway
  • Segregation of accounts
  • Automated invoicing of clients / merchants / agents
  • Anti-fraud (positive / negative database, email and IP verification, etc.)
  • Compliance with Data Protection laws and regulations


NetPay Mobile

NETPAY MOBILE is a 100% mobile payment app, allowing your clients to quickly register, verify their identity and execute payments from their mobile device, with state-of-the-art security.

  • Identity Management
  • Access Security
  • Account Management
  • Payment Methods Management
  • Payment Execution
  • Payment / Purchase / Delivery reconciliation

NetPay POS

NETPAY POS allows users of NETCOM GROUP technologies who also operate physical locations to manage payments and fidelity programs from their favorite Point of Sales Systems, and to integrate the corresponding flows with internet-based business flows and mobile-payment flows, thus benefiting from a 360 degrees, multichannel, view of their payments.

  • Credit / Debit card payment management
  • Cheque payment management
  • Cash payment management
  • Other electronic payments management
  • Fidelity card payment, in-store credit management
  • Multi-brand discount card management / Fidelity program management


NetPay White Label

The white label NetPay SAAS, NetPay MOBILE and NETPAY POS licensing model allows you to customize our solutions to reflect your brand to your customers, to develop and integrate your own features, and to run on a dedicated infrastructure.

  • High-performance cloud services
  • High-performance dedicated servers
  • Complete rebranding of the user interface
  • Complete customization of the software

    Merchant Services

    Thanks to our partner network, we are able to provide merchants with a complete coverage of their payment acceptance needs, from highly reputable providers, allowing any internet website to develop a comprehensive strategy of multichannel payment methods, increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates, while significantly lowering the risks and impacts of fraud.

    • Credit / Debit card processing
    • Stored value card processing
    • Electronic payment methods
    • Wire Transfers
    • Direct Debit
    • Cash Collection
    • Crypto=payments

    Professional Services

    Because of the expertise which arises from nearly 20 years providing payment processing services to some of the most requiring industries in the internet business, NETCOM GROUP is your partner of choice when it comes to dealing with your business concerns. Our professional services team comprises of some of the industry’s best consulting experts in a variety of payment processing, customer management and regulatory requirements related areas.

    • Compliance with Data Protection regulatory requirements
    • Compliance with KYC/AML regulations
    • IT Security
    • Customer engagement and traffic conversion
    • Checkout optimization
    • Risk management and antifraud

    Agent Services

    Service companies aiming to develop their business towards the booming industry of crypto-payments and crypto-assets management, or to develop services in the payment industry can benefit from our agent program.

    Our turnkey solution for digital goods and services and crypto-related businesses, inclusive of licensing, allows companies, even starting from scratch, to be ready-to-market in less than 30 days, and to focus on developing their business while leaving the administrative and regulatory issues to us.


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