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Any newly established buyer / seller relationship has an element of risk. As a seller, you want to make sure you are paid, as a buyer you want to make sure you will receive what you paid for.

Traditional trade finance solutions used to establish trust between parties have become obsolete and expensive in today’s digital world: lengthy approvals and credit checks, considerable amount of paperwork involved, limitation on amounts, fees…the model is broken.



Our solution provides trust in a better, faster and cheaper way, thanks to our smart digital contracts “SmartDigiTrade”.

By engaging into a SmartDigiTrade blockchain-powered contract,  parties are secured as to the fact they will be delivered what they have been promised, and they will be paid for what they deliver.

SmartDigiTrade contracts require no pre-approval, no credit check, and can be established instantly between parties, even in the case of complex terms and conditions.

With SmartDigiTrade, the buyer is paying the price of the transaction by a variety of payment methods, and the corresponding funds are lodged into the smart contract. Meanwhile, the seller is providing the terms and conditions of the provision of goods or services. When both parties agree that the terms and conditions have been fulfilled, the payment is released to the seller. Otherwise, the funds are returned to the buyer.



As a regulated Money Service Business, we warranty the payment to the seller or the return of funds to the buyer.

We support the most complex models of trade relationship and payment terms:

  • Delivery of services
  • Delivery by tranches
  • Delivery with complex return / cancellation policies

 All of this being supported across multiple jurisdiction, a wide variety of currencies and payment methods.

Secure your deliveries. Engage with new customers. Trade with confidence. Become a SmartDigiTrade user.


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