NetSettle: Faster, cheaper and safer suppliers’ invoices payment

Managing payment to suppliers can be in some cases a tedious task, and is always an expensive one. In addition, some suppliers (for an example your website hosting company) are only accepting electronic payments, which put your payment details at risk. Also, direct debit methods are also prone to fraud.

With NetSettle, you streamline and secure this process, while significantly reducing your costs.

Paying all of your suppliers for a given period is done in three clicks: export your payment data in a file, load the file into your NetSettle application, press the validation button, and you are done.

All you have to do now is to make one bulk transfer of funds to your NetSettle account, and we do the rest.

Your company’s payment details are never exposed to the suppliers, so they remain safe at all times, significantly reducing the level of fraud.

For an example, your corporate credit card is replaced by a NetSettle virtual card, so that, in the event of a security breach into your suppliers’ systems, your company’s funds remain immune from cyber fraud.

Because of our relationship with a variety of financial institutions, we execute your payments at a minimal cost. And when we say minimal, this is really minimal: in the European Union, your payments transfer cost will be zero.

Reduce your payment costs. Secure your payment details. Streamline your payment process. Use NetSettle.

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