NetPayroll: Cheaper and easier payment of wages and expenses

Executing payment of wages and reimbursement of expenses constitutes a significant and recurring element of cost for your organization, both direct, through fees charged by your bank to proceed with these payments, and indirect, due to the administrative costs associated with payroll processing.

These administrative costs do not arise only from the time spent in dealing with payment execution, but also from various incidents which are happening over the life of an employment contract and you need to manage, such as change of the bank account of the employee, or dealing with freezing orders from bailiffs or authorities.

And, of course, managing expenses is a complicated process, involving a lot of paperwork.

By outsourcing your wages and expenses management to NetPayroll, you can significantly reduce your costs, both direct and indirect.

Using NetPayroll portal, your employees can lodge their expenses reimbursement requests, which can then be subject to your validation process, how complex this one might be. Validated amounts are added to the relevant applicable wages amount for the given period.



You then only have to make one bulk payment, and we do the rest, at the minimal possible cost.

Also, NetPayroll can be used as a tool to improve employees’ satisfaction. Because, at the end of the day, a significant part of this satisfaction comes from the net amount received on their accounts, we are able to leverage our infrastructure of partnerships with financial institutions so that employees receive their wages at the minimum cost for them.

From making payment from the same bank to providing electronic accounts with zero charge, NetPayroll provides a wide range of benefits to the employees, hence to your company.

Last but not least, NetPayroll programs can be entirely customized to the specifics of your organization.

Pay smarter. Pay cheaper. Increase your employees’ satisfaction.