MerchantCash: Better cash inflows from your customers’ base

Because of our strong ties with our network of partnering financial institutions, we are allowing qualifying internet merchants to offer better payment terms to their customers while maintaining a significant level of cash available for your company.

By entering into our MerchantCash program, you can reinvent the way you are marketing your products and services to your customers, by turning one-time payments into monthly installments, offering delayed payment or trial periods with refund guarantee.

You can offer extended payment terms rather than discounts, hereby maintaining your margin. And, of course, you benefit from our chargeback protection program, warrantying that you will be paid from your qualifying sales.

In a world that’s in crisis, offering more competitive payment terms is a strong differentiation factor, which leads to more sales and increased customer retention. MerchantCash is your program of choice, driving your sales and enhancing your client relationship.

Sell more. Get more cash from your sales. Increase customer satisfaction. Use MerchantCash.

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